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Eyeglass Laboratory

Eyeglass Laboratory

Milligan Optical In-House Lab
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Custom Eyewear Right Here At Our Location

Milligan Optical is an independent, family owned optical shop that has our own on-site Optical Lab. This means we custom make most of your eyewear right here at our location. There are certain lens enhancements or specialty lenses that we do have to send off site to have processed. When we do send off site, we choose the optical laboratories that share the same integrity that we do in making a pair of eyeglasses.

Some optical stores promote glasses in an hour. In order to make a quality pair of eyewear it usually takes more than an hour. We know this because we have over 30 years of experience in making your eyewear and we care about the quality that we give our customers. The lenses have to cool properly before cutting the prescription into the lens, then they need to be cut at a slow speed to eliminate any warpage to the lens.

Once the prescription is in the lens, it needs to be polished using a high quality polishing compound. Once polished, the lens is then cleaned and coated with a scratch resistant coating. Now the lens is verified for the prescription. The next step is to cut the lens to fit the shape of your frame. Once the lenses are mounted into the frame they are then verified again.

We take pride in the quality of lenses that we produce. We are not a large optical chain store; we are a small, independent optical shop. By being an independent optical store, we control the quality, brand of lenses, and the lens materials that we feel best benefit our patients’ vision. We are not like a large corporation or optical chain store that carries just the lenses they can make the largest profit on.

Our goal is to provide our patients with the best quality eyewear at reasonable prices.