CVD POP With DemosNew Chemistrie Color is a breakthrough in lens technology that has been developed by a proprietary artificial intelligence program. This high-tech program has identified the ideal color gamut to assist with the perception of color in those with color blindness. While some competitors rely on heavy red or pink tinted lenses, Chemistrie Color provides CVD patients with the truest possible discernment of color and enhances genuine color vision. Unlike other CVD products, Chemistrie Color is available in multiple lens options: ready-made Non-Prescription glasses, a Non-Prescription lenses to be cut into any frame, or as a custom Chemistrie Clip.


Chemistrie sun lenses go above and beyond the traditional everyday clip-on. Utilizing a patented Chemistrie magnetic lens layering technology, all of the sunlenses are able to be fit to virtually any frame. 

  • Pick your frame
  • Pick your sunclip lens
  • Pick your sunclip bridge color
  • Pick your sunclip magnet color
  • Pick an optitional Crystal color for your clip






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