No Glare Lenses from Milligan OpticalAnti-Reflective Coatings reduce the amount of reflections off the lenses allowing more light to the eye, enabling you to see a little crisper and sharper. Anti-Reflective coatings help everyone with general vision, and in particular anyone who drives at night or uses a computer.

These coatings are the same coatings that are applied to camera lenses, binocculars, telescopes, and any other lens that requires good optics.

There are different qualities of coatings as well. 

A Basic coating is applied to the surface of any material. 

With Premium Anti-Reflective treatments a primer is used to etch the base lens for a hard coating that is matched to the index of the lens, then the AR treatment is applied, essentially baking it into the lens.

Premium Anti-Reflective treatments tend to hold up better due to the base coatings that are applied.

Premium Coatings also have hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that can be applied to help with keeping your lenses cleaner.

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