Eyeglass Lens Types


Below is a list of the different types of eyeglass lenses:

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This gives one focal point.  Like distance glasses, computer glasses, or reading glasses.
These lenses give you a combination of two focal points, distance and reading, distance and computer, or computer and reading.
These are similar to a bifocal except they have three focal points.
There are too many types of progressives lenses to list. There are many brands of progressives some better than others and some more expensive than others. Instead of using brand names like Varilux and Zeiss, we prefer to categorize our lenses by basic progressive, digital progressive, and personalized progressive.

If you are into technology, and want one of the best progressive lens designs; Try Younger Optics patented personalized progressive, Camber. 

All progressive lenses work basically the same way. They gradually change in power from the top of the lens to the bottom of the lens. Some give a wider clearer distance vision, some give a larger computer area, some give a wider reading area, and some have a very subtle change from top to bottom.

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